15 Best Sega Genesis Boss Fights Ever

This is just a really cool looking boss battle that perfectly fits the game, and whether developers have been doing it on purpose or not, the level’s setting and tactics have been reused by countless other titles, though this Warhead battle might still be the best.

Mad Hatter in Batman & Robin

9. The Mad Hatter – The Adventures of Batman & Robin

While the completely different SNES version of The Adventures of Batman & Robin has long been praised, the Genesis version was initially knocked as a generic run and gun title at release. Fortunately, opinions have changed over the years, as its fast gameplay, great graphics, and creative bosses like the Mad Hatter have been reappraised.

Sure, he’s a B-list villain in the comics, but the Mad Hatter is surprisingly awesome here. He spends the battle floating above Batman (and/or Robin), continually throwing attacks at you, which isn’t terribly innovative by itself, but the whole time you’re also on a forward scrolling red and white road, and you have to avoid playing card road blocks that just keep popping up faster and faster. There really isn’t another boss fight quite like it, and it’s a really unique way to make one of the lesser-known Batman villains stand out.

Mother Brain in Phantasy Star 2

8. Mother Brain – Phantasy Star II

So, how does a turn-based boss battle against an enemy that’s barely even animated make it onto a list like this? First off, Mother Brain (not to be confused with the Metroid boss) has a really eye-popping design, perched atop the screen like a four-armed goddess, complete with different colors constantly pulsating throughout her body. This is about as close as the Genesis can convey to a confrontation with a superior power. It was really intimidating back in the day.

And as for the fight itself, it requires real strategy to win. No, it’s not the hardest final boss fight in a JRPG (not even close), but it does take a solid mix of defense and offense to come out ahead, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, Mother Brain will quickly wipe out your entire party.

Wolfgunblood Garopa in Alien Soldier

7. Wolfgunblood Garopa – Alien Soldier

Alien Soldier has so many great bosses, that it’s difficult to pick just one to put on this list, but in the end, that honor has to go to Wolfgunblood Garopa. Just look at that design! Hailing straight from a junior high notebook doodle, it’s a massive cyborg-wolf-cowboy thing atop a metal steed. He wouldn’t even have to do much but just stand there and he’d be one of the best bosses ever.

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