15 Forgotten Resident Evil Clones That Deserve More Love

  • A game doesn’t need to be an exact copy of Resident Evil to be considered a clone for the purposes of this list. Any title that featured a combination of trademark Resident Evil elements (such as tank controls and fixed camera perspectives, etc.) was likely in consideration.
  • This list includes both Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4 clones.
  • Finally, the use of the word “clone” isn’t meant to be derogatory. The point of this article is to make the argument that these so-called clones deserve a legacy of their own.

With that out of the way, let’s hop into the lab and dissect some of the greatest Resident Evil clones you probably never played.

Countdown: Vampires

15. Countdown: Vampires

I’ll be real honest with you. Countdown: Vampires is not a good game in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, it’s actually an incredibly bad game in most respects. Its terrible controls and often wonky camera system make the game’s already questionable action and puzzle sequences even more of a chore. This game’s acting and writing also make the PS1 version of Resident Evil look like Red Dead Redemption 2

However, Countdown: Vampires really is one of those rare “so bad, they’re good” video games. If you can get past this title’s more frustrating gameplay elements, you’ll find an amusing piece of B-grade entertainment that will leave you wondering how this one possibly got made. This game just perfectly encapsulates the lovable lows of its era of survival horror titles.

Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn

14. Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn (aka Chase the Express)

Covert Ops is a pure action title rather than a horror game, which already makes it a fringe candidate for this list. However, it’s impossible to deny that this game was clearly influenced by Resident Evil. The fixed cameras, the pre-rendered environments, the controls, the pacing…it’s all there. More importantly, this game actually features some truly fascinating concepts that other games honestly should have borrowed. 

Covert Ops sees you infiltrate a hijacked train in order to stop a group of terrorists. The entire game takes place on that train, which, despite all the backtracking that premise requires, is really the perfect set-up for a ’90s action adventure. More importantly, this game’s espionage puzzle sequences make you feel like so much more than a hired gun. It turns out that Resident Evil-like gameplay goes surprisingly well with a Mission Impossible-like premise. 

Nocturne game

13. Nocturne

Nocturne was actually treated as a pretty big deal in the months leading up to its much-hyped October 1999 release date. The game’s advanced graphics (which are honestly pretty impressive to this day) were touted as the future of the medium, while Nocturne‘s “secret supernatural detectives” premise intrigued X-Files fans everywhere. Sadly, this game’s control and camera problems (as well as its absurd system requirements) spoiled some of that hype and contributed to the game’s decidedly mixed reception. 

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