5 Actors We’d Love To See Play Wonder Man In The MCU Series

Admittedly, my first instinct was to cast Matt Bomer, but since he’s already playing Larry Trainor in the DC series “Doom Patrol,” it’s a better idea to cast his doppelgänger, Cheyenne Jackson. 

Jackson got his start in musical theater so he’s already a proven physical actor, but the role that proves he’d be a killer Wonder Man is surprisingly another Disney property, the television film “Descendents 3” where he played the live-action version of Hades from Disney’s “Hercules.” Cheyenne Jackson absolutely kills it in the role, which shares a lot of spiritual energy with a character like Wonder Man due to the sarcasm, classic good looks, and dynamic emotional range. 

Jackson will soon be seen in the highly-anticipated “Borderlands” film as weapons manufacturer Jakobs, and thanks to his guest spots on “American Horror Story” and “30 Rock,” he’s got a perfect grasp on the anti-hero comedy required of a character like Simon Williams.

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