A Guide to Every Dragon in House of the Dragon


If the legends are to be believed, Dreamfyre is the mother to Daenerys Targaryen’s three dragons. The light blue and silver she-dragon was originally bonded to Rhaena Targaryen, the first grandchild of Aegon the Conqueror. She remained in the Dragonpit after Rhaena’s death, only to bond with Viserys Targaryen’s only daughter by Alicent Hightower, Helaena.


Of the three dragons that participated in Aegon’s War of Conquest, the only one still alive at the time of House of the Dragon is Vhagar. The largest of the dragons, big enough to rival even Balerion the Dread, Vhagar grew too large for the dragon pits at King’s Landing and left to make a nest for herself along the Narrow Sea. Laena Velareon mentions that the spice-traders in Driftmark hear her song at times, and that she sounds lonely in her size-imposed isolation. Vhagar was ridden by Visenya Targaryen during the Conquest, most notably participating in the Field of Fire and conquering the Vale, and Rhaenyra picks an egg that reminds her of Vhagar for her ill-fated baby brother Baelon’s crib. In the conflicts to come, Vhagar will be ridden by Aemond Targaryen, younger son of Viserys I and Alicent Hightower and brother of Aegon II.


Speaking of Aegon II, the eldest son of Viserys I and arguably the main antagonist of the Dance of the Dragons, he’s the rider of the dragon Sunfyre. Sunfyre was called the most beautiful dragon ever seen in the known world by Archmaester Gyldayn, hence Sunfyre’s nickname “the Golden.” Sunfyre is a young dragon by rider standards, with golden glimmering scales and pink wings. Interestingly, Sunfyre’s flames are also of a golden hue, which cuts such an impressive figure Aegon makes the three-headed Targaryen dragon in his coat of arms golden in Sunfyre’s honor. While beautiful, Sunfyre is also very hard to kill, surviving multiple battles with his fellow dragons and recovering from several debilitating injuries during his lifespan. No doubt a Targaryen appreciates something both tough and beautiful.

Vermax, Arrax, and Tyraxes

The three sons of Laenor and Rhaenyra are something of a controversial topic in Westeros. The rumor mill stated that Laenor preferred the company of male squires his own age, not women, and he had no known love affairs or bastard children. To certify that his children were his own, each of the three sons Rhaenyra had were given dragon eggs for their cribs in the Targaryen custom. The theory was that the eggs wouldn’t hatch if the children had the blood of Rhaenyra’s alleged lover. Unfortunately for Rhaenyra’s enemies, each of the three children ended up bonded with a dragon. Vermax, an ill-tempered dragon who could not withstand cold and ice, is bonded with oldest son Jacaerys, who uses the dragon on courier runs for his mother as well as in battle. Arrax, a pearlescent white dragon with golden eyes, a golden chest, and yellow flame, is bonded to Lucerys Velaryon, the middle son. Joffrey, the youngest son, is bonded with the dragon Tyraxes. Much like his rider, he will be too small to go to war during the Dance, but will no doubt play a part going forward in the series regardless.


The youngest dragon on the list, hatched during the Dance of the Dragons itself, Morning is the companion of Rhaena Targaryen, daughter of Daemon and his eventual wife Laena Velaryon. Fittingly, Morning is the pale pink of the dawn, with black horns and a black crest.


Rhaena Targaryen’s twin sister, Baela, will also be a dragonrider. While her dragon was not large enough to be ridden during the war, she fought with her dragon alongside her betrothed, Rhaenyra’s oldest son Jacaerys. Moondancer is a pale green dragon, with pearl horns, crest, and wing bones. Moondancer is one of the quickest of the dragons, despite being one of the smallest and slimmest.

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