Alice In Wonderland’s White Queen Was A Nerve-Wracking Role For Anne Hathaway

In an interview with MovieWeb, Anne Hathaway stated that she “had been very nervous about working with Tim Burton.” She stated that she had admired him from the first time she saw “Beetlejuice” and didn’t want to disappoint him. Hathaway continued, “I wanted to fit into Wonderland, which was a mad, imaginative wonderful world. Also I was very nervous about working on green screen, which I had not done before.”

All of those fears seem valid. However, it was also Burton’s first time filming with a green screen and those portions comprised a majority of the film. There is an incredible amount of technology involved with that much CGI, and I appreciate how actors are able to perform scenes without the real environment or characters there with them on set. It takes an added layer of focus and imagination that would be difficult to channel.

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