An Uber-Violent Mash-Up Of Con Air And A Slasher Movie [TIFF]

The first hour of “Project Wolf Hunting” is a non-stop bloodfest … and so is the second hour. There’s almost no respite here, and it starts to get exhausting. To keep things interesting, though, the second half of the film throws in a whole new twist: a type of Frankenstein Monster creature being experimented on in the bowels of the ship. If you’re guessing the monster gets loose and starts going crazy against the criminals, you’re right.

This concept — an inhuman monster vs. human monsters — is pretty damn neat! But “Project Wolf Hunting” never quite achieves what it’s going for. More than that, the movie introduces all sorts of mythology that gives the entire thing the feeling of a TV series that got turned into a feature film. Perhaps they’re trying to set up a sequel, or an entire franchise. Perhaps not. All I know is that the film’s unrestricted bloodshed began to grow tiresome. How can you make so much gore so uninteresting?

But perhaps I’m overthinking things. Perhaps the admittedly stellar action coupled with the abundant practical gore is really all “Project Wolf Hunting” is interested in. If so, it’s a complete success. But I personally would’ve appreciated just a little more brains to go along with all the blood and guts.

/Film Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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