Andor Episode 12: Finale Release Time and Season Recap

Coruscant – The Growing Rebellion vs. The ISB

As Cassian tries to find his role in the galaxy this season, the Rebellion is also growing behind the Empire’s very nose on Coruscant. After leaving Cassian on Aldhani, Luthen goes back to his life as an antiquities dealer in the Imperial capital. It’s there that he meets with Senator Mon Mothma on multiple occasions as they try to fund and kickstart various Rebel cells across the galaxy. They don’t always agree on the “proper” way forward for the Rebellion, but they also know that the Empire can’t continue to operate unchecked.

Mon Mothma runs into issues with accessing her family fortune and partners with an old friend from her home planet of Chandrila to set up a charitable foundation through which she hopes to continue helping the Rebels undetected. (It’s also revealed that Vel is Mon Mothma’s cousin, so Rebellion seems to run in the family.)

After Aldhani, Luthen and his assistant Kleya Marki (Elizabeth Dulau) halt communication with Bix. They don’t know where Cassian ended up after Aldhani, making him a loose end that could connect them to the heist. The Rebels decide that Cassian must be eliminated before he can implicate Luthen or anyone else. During that time, Luthen also tries to enlist Saw Gerrera’s (Forest Whitaker) help for a raid on an Imperial power station led by infamous freedom fighter Anto Kreegyr, but Saw declines at first. More on that in a second.

Meanwhile, Syril Karn (Kyle Soller), the former Pre-Mor officer who has now made it his life’s mission to take down Cassian, is now living on Coruscant with his overbearing mother after being fired for the disastrous mission he led to apprehend Cassian on Ferrix. He becomes obsessed with helping ISB agent Dedra Meero (Denise Gough) track down Cassian after she asks him to clarify something from his report and refuses to take no for an answer.

Dedra is similarly single-minded, but can see the bigger picture beyond Cassian’s involvement. She is determined to track down every inkling of Rebel activity in the galaxy, and has set her sights on connecting Ferrix to Luthen’s operation. Though she doesn’t yet know that Luthen is the Rebel leader ( known by the codename “Axis”) she is looking for, Dedra won’t stop until she uncovers the larger conspiracy she believes to be at play. She oversees the Empire’s operations on Ferrix, torturing Bix for information and spying on Maarva in case Cassian reaches out to her. After Maarva’s death, Dedra insists that they let the people of Ferrix have a grand funeral for Maarva, hoping that the fanfare will draw Cassian back home.

She also helps her supervisor Major Partagaz (Anton Lesser) set a trap for Anto Kreegyr, who is planning a raid on an Imperial facility on the planet Spellhaus. One of Dedra’s coworkers, Lonni Jung (Robert Emms) disagrees with her idea to wait for Kreegyr to show his hand, insisting that it is more suspicious for the Empire to do nothing. But it is later revealed that Lonni is a double agent for Luthen, as he sneaks away to fill him in on the Empire’s plans to stop Kreegyr’s raid.

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