Andy Samberg’s Saturday Night Live Audition Prepared Him For The Pressure Of The Show

Just days before his follow-up audition, Samberg got a piece of information that saved him from making a fatal error and prepared him for the high-stakes writing of SNL. “The day before [the callback], or two days before it, I got tipped off, like, ‘Hey, don’t do all the same stuff,” the comedian said. “And I was like, oh s***, I have to write a whole new audition in two days […] I don’t know who told me to do the same stuff, but that was bad advice.”

The bad tip might have come from a careless producer, but Samberg thinks that there might have been a hidden agenda behind the flawed intel. “In the back of my mind I feel like maybe they do that to see if you can respond under pressure,” he explained. “The show is written in a day or two.”

Samberg can’t quite remember who gave him the right advice with just a few days to spare — “maybe one of the producers we knew from The [MTV] Movie Awards,” he offered — but they totally saved his audition. If the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star’s theory is correct, though, then this producer wasn’t actually helping Samberg out, but simply doing their job.

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