Archer: What Does the Future Hold for The Agency?

PC: We love working with Kayvan Novak and I have personally grown to love hearing Fabian’s voice.

CW: We have plans for Fabian. I don’t know when or where he may show up again, but he was so impactful over the past couple of seasons. Just like Slater, when we feel like the time is right, he may return.

The final decision to instate Lana as the head of The Agency feels like the best use of her character based on the arc that she heads down this season. Talk a little on that development and how it’s set to change the status quo as the series moves forward.

CW: Again, this was something that Mark Ganek worked very hard to put into the season. We knew Lana was best suited to end up in the chair, but Lana had to get to that realization as well. We started her off in the season having too much to deal with, wanting to just do her job and go home. However, that’s not really her personality, so it was a constant struggle for Lana. I love that in the end she wanted to be in the lead chair and was excited for the future because we are excited too!

On that note, do you have any idea where you’d like to take a season 14? The serialized structure to this season seems to have worked quite well as a formula and do you see yourselves sticking to this model?

CW: Oh, I have some ideas…

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