Are She-Hulk’s Guest Stars a Real Problem for the Show?

“[We spent a lot of time] in the writers’ room, mining all of the movies, then also mining all the comics, and just picking and choosing some characters we want to see and then having fun with the thought exercise of, ‘Okay, if this character were on our show, what’s a funny reason for them to be embroiled in legal trouble? What’s a funny lawsuit or a funny trial that they could be a part of?’”

That last bit makes perfect sense, since the show is, after all, titled She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The concept from the beginning has been to show how Jen Walters’ career goals as a successful lawyer inevitably come into conflict with her newfound status as an enhanced human (and eventual superhero), and it’s also reasonable that the latter would attract clients with similar attributes.

Of course, there’s always one last sign-off needed before Gao and the writing staff can port over an MCU character. “We always hit the point in the road where then we have to run to Kevin [Feige, Marvel CCO] and ask him if we can do it,” Gao says, although as she’s told us previously, “Kevin genuinely means it when he says that if he likes the idea, then it’s fine.”

So the answer is: no, cameos are not a problem for She-Hulk. This is the Marvel Universe, after all, and as Feige himself once said (in talking about another cameo-filled show, Hawkeye), “Marvel is the world outside your window. In the Marvel comics, Spidey could swing by at any moment, or the Fantastic Four could come flying down. But even in the comics, it’s, ‘What is the story you’re telling?’”

New episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premiere on Disney+ every Thursday.

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