Bill Lawrence Had To Rein In Sarah Chalke’s Scrubs Performance

In the scene, Sarah Chalke’s character, Elliot, was being portrayed as a nerd, and Chalke went a bit too far with her creative costume design, as she explained in the Vulture interview.

“It was the first fantasy I did. I was supposed to be a nerd in headgear and lots of zits, and we kind of just were having fun with it, and I came down and Bill was like, ‘What is on your lip?’ I’m like, ‘It’s a corn flake. It’s supposed to be a cold sore.’ He’s like, ‘No. Lose the corn flake. That’s too far.'”

“You shouldn’t have to say ‘lose the cold sore’ to somebody,” Lawrence quipped, in the same interview.

While this particular joke was a bit too much for Lawrence at the time, he admits himself he didn’t expect “Scrubs” to get quite as weird as it eventually did. While the show stayed unafraid to confront issues of life and death, the cutaway fantasies became odder and more frequent as the show went on.

Even with the show’s spiral into weirdness, Lawrence remains proud of their ability to balance the serious and the silly. “One of the coolest things about the show is the freedom of having such a talented cast and being able to do comedy and drama,” said Lawrence at an ATX Television Festival panel. And sometimes maintaining the balance between the two genres is as simple as omitting a cornflake.

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