Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Is The Best Kind Of Stupid

There is something endearing about these two idiots. The idea that a utopia could be created because of some silly-but-good-hearted bros wearing stupid outfits is the happiest thing I can think of right now. I just like the idea that people who aren’t perfect, rich, intelligent, or articulate could create a peaceful world. Of course, they have some adventures to go on before they do. 

William Sadler’s Death is one of my favorite characters of all time. He appears in his traditional form, with a scythe, a hood, and a pale face. He challenges the guys to a game for their souls. What do they pick? No game of strategy here. No profound riddles or deep thoughts. They give Death a melvin (yanking his underwear into his butt crack, in case you aren’t familiar with the term) and challenge him to party games like Clue and Twister. 

The adventures they all go on include a trip to heaven, where God sends them to meet the Stations; aliens who look like rejects from a parody of “The Lord of the Rings” or something, who only say “Station.” Groot has nothing on these guys, who also play instruments, because of course they do. 

Look, I’m not recommending this if you’re more likely to watch art films than “What We Do in the Shadows.” However, if you prefer the latter or need to decompress after watching something dark and depressing, this will delight you. I mean, Primus shows up in the Battle of the Bands. Jim Martin, the lead guitarist of Faith No More at the time, is introduced as “Sir James Martin, head of Faith No More Spiritual and Theological Center.” 

Enjoy the stupidity and be excellent to each other. 

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