Can Scream 6 Succeed Where Friday the 13th Failed?

Let’s be honest, part of being a horror fan is dealing with disappointment. How many times have we been given an amazing trailer, something that promises wall-to-wall scares, only to have a lazy feature hoisted upon us? For every The Exorcist or Alien, movies that delivered on the promise of their shocking teasers, there’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark or It Chapter Two, cool trailers for disappointing movies.

One of the most famous quality chasms involves a legend of horror cinema, Jason Voorhees. The trailer for Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan mostly consists of a single shot of Jason from behind, staring up at the NY skyline. After a series of quick cuts showing people screaming in terror, the voice over declares, “Now, New York has a new problem.” Perfect, right? Unfortunately, the actual movie mostly consists of Jason hunting down an exceptionally dull set of teens on a boat, and only arrives in New York for the final 30 minutes. And of course, New York is actually Vancouver.

Makers of perhaps the world’s most film-literate franchise, the producers of Scream 6 surely know about bad movie trailers and especially the disappointment of Friday VIII. So instead, the teaser for the latest installment steers away from big promises and instead gives us a well-crafted scare sequence.

The trailer opens on a subway car, carrying the four surviving members of the last film’s young cast: Jasmin Savoy Brown as Mindy Meeks-Martin (niece of Jamie Kennedy’s character Randy Meeks), Mason Gooding as her brother Chad Meeks-Martin, Melissa Barrera as Sam Carpenter (daughter of original killer Billy Loomis), and Jenna Ortega as Sam’s half-sister Tara. The quartet seem to be enjoying some carefree laughs on Halloween night when Sam notices that some of the people in the car are dressed like Ghostface. The tension grows when one of the Ghostfaces turns their head to stare directly at the teens.

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