Casting Neil Patrick Harris As Doogie Howser Was A Complicated Process

A lot had to happen for Harris’ breakout role as Doogie Howser to occur. He never planned to do television, and it took ABC a while to come around on him. But in some respects, it became a career-defining role for the actor. To this day, nearly three decades after the show ended, fans still call him Doogie. Harris, who is now almost 50, told The Guardian he is often confused with the character from early in his career. The actor said:

“It’s a little bizarre that people — what is it, 30 years later? — still refer to me as that. People say, ‘Hey, Doogie, I like your new show!’ But hey, better than anonymity, I suppose.”

Since then, Doogie — excuse me, Harris has seen incredible success in film, television, musical theater, and even as an author. Harris penned a four-part children’s book series, “The Magic Misfits” and a New York Times best-selling autobiography. He has hosted the Oscars, the Emmys, the Tonys, and plenty of other awards shows. However you slice it, Neil Patrick Harris is entertaining.

From a modest New Mexico theater to one of today’s most well-known entertainers, it’s been an incredible career for Harris … even if he still gets confused for Doogie every now and then.

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