Cyberpunk 2077: The Best and Most Broken Character Builds

At long last, Cyberpunk 2077 is fixed (mostly). Whether you’re playing through the game for the first time or you’re thinking about giving the controversial title a second chance, there’s a pretty good chance you’re probably wondering what the best builds in Cyberpunk 2077 are.

Like any RPG worth its salt, Cyberpunk 2077 includes an armory worth of weapons, mods, armor, stats, and perks that can be mixed and matched any way players see fit. Sure, some combinations are more viable and powerful than others, but then there are the builds that are just completely broken and overpowered. We’re talking concepts that turn players into bullet-dodging pugilists, invincible street samurai, and bottomless shotgun maniacs.

Quite a few Patch 1.6 builds were created by Cyberpunk 2077 players who uncovered new synergies, while others were built by imaginative gamers who saw Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and asked, “How do we turn [insert character here] into a real build?” Here are some of the best builds the game’s creative community has come up with so far.

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Best Cyberpunk 2077 Builds: The Melee Stealth Sniper Build

This build from YouTuber T7 PDM is really something to behold. It’s the kind of build that breaks the game in some of the best ways possible.

While this build obviously assumes you’ll still want to sneak up on most of your opponents, it doesn’t ask you to simply sneak by them. Instead, the basic idea is that you’ll be exploiting the game’s…questionable stealth mechanics in order to put yourself in the perfect position to pull off some devastating headshot critical hits with snipers, pistols, and even blades.

Seriously, this absurd build lets you walk right up to multiple enemies and one-shot all of them without anybody knowing you’re there. Of course, you can also just hang back and snipe your way through a small army of enemies before they even figure out where you are. The choice is very much yours.

Weapons/Key Items

Death and Taxes Pistol
O’Five Sniper Rifle (with Crunch mods)
Jinchi Maru (with Cold Shoulders)
Optic Camo 


Body: 20
Reflexes: 20
Technical Ability: 20
Intelligence: 3
Cool: 8


Athletics: Invincible, Pack mule, Epimorphosis, Dog of War, Steel Shell, Tenacious V, Steel and Chrome, Regeneration, True grit, Marathoner, Indestructible, Wolverine

Assault: Named Bullets, Duck Hunter, Eagle Eye, Bullseye, Savage Stoic, Skull Ripper, Shoot Reload Shoot, Bulletjock, Feel the Flow, Recoil Wrangler, Executioner, Long Shot

Handguns: Attritional Fire, High Noon, From Head to Toe, Westworld, Brainpower, Acrobat, Steady Hand, Gunslinger, Desperado, A Fistful of Eurodollars, Wild West, Vanishing Point, Rio Bravo, Long Shot Drop Pop, The Good the Bad and The Ugly

Blades: Judge, Jury, and Executioner, Shifting Sands, Roaring Waters, Flight of the Sparrow, Firer Blast, Sting Like a Bee, Slow and Steady, Unbroken Spirit, Deathbolt, Defensive Offensive, Float Like a Butterfly, Dragon Strike

Crafting: Waste Not Want Not, True Craftsman, Grease Monkey, Cutting Edge, Field Technician, Edgerunner artisan

Engineering: Insulation

Ninjutsu: Strike From the Shadows, Dagger Dealer, Silent and Deadly, Assassin

Cyberware: Heal on Kill, Mechatronic Core, Mods that increase headshot damage, Second Heart, Bioconductor, Bioplastic Blood Vessels, Kerenzikov, Nanorelays, Militech Berserk, MK 5 with BeastMode and Devastating Berserk, Synaptic Signal Optimizer, Microrotors, and Reinforced Tendons

Best Cyberpunk 2077 Build: Kiwi’s Cyberpunk Edgerunners Build (AKA the Net Ripper Build)

It was only a matter of time until Cyberpunk 2077 players started trying to “build” Cyberpunk Edgerunner characters in the game, but this Kiwi build from YouTuber KhrazeGaming is certainly one of the most interesting of its kind.

True to the character that inspired it, this build primarily focuses on hacking and stealth. Specifically, you’re going to be utilizing a ton of quick hack abilities that allow you to quickly deal with individual targets. When possible, you’ll also be taking advantage of environmental hacking options that allow you to cause damage across a wider area without ever being seen.

While you can use basic weapons in this build if you so desire, the Kiwi playstyle really does let you explore what kind of chaos you can cause in Cyberpunk 2077 while firing few (if any) shots.

Weapons/Key Items

Tetratronic Ripper Mk. 4


Body: 3
Reflexes: 12
Technical Ability: 18
Intelligence: 20
Cool: 18


Breach Protocol: Cloud Cache, Totaler Recall, Head Start, Nass Vulnerability, Mass Vulnerability Resistances, Mass Vulnerability Quickhacks, Hackathon, Efficiency, Compression, Extended Network Interface, Buffer Optimization

Quickhacking: Critical Error, Signal Support, Bloodware, Hacker’s Manual, Diffusion, Optimization, Plague, Biosynergy, Weak Link, Mnemonic, Anamnesis, Hacker Overload, Subliminal Message, Forget Me Not, Daisy Chain, School of Hard Hacks, Bartmoss’ Legacy

Ninjutsu: From the Shadows, Crouching Tiger, Strike From the Shadows, Silent and Deadly, Ghost, Assassin

Cold Blood: Cold and Calculating, Coolagulant, Cold Blood, Frosty Synapses, Coldest blood, Quick Transfer, Critical Condition

Crafting: True Craftsman, 200% Efficiency, Grease Monkey, Edgerunner Artisan, Field Technician

Engineering: Bladerunner

Cyberware: Visual Cortex Support, Limbic System Enhancement, Ex-disk, Optical Camo, Weakspot Detection

Quick Hacks: Contagion, Suicide, Short Circuit, Synapse Burnout, System Reset, Detonate Grenade, Weapon Glitch, Cyberpsychosis, Ping, Breach Protocol

Best Cyberpunk 2077 Builds: The David Martinez Build (AKA the Slow-Mo Bruiser Build)

Another Cyberpunk Edgerunners-inspired build, this design from YouTuber KhrazeGaming is intended to allow you to roam the streets of Night City and dish out slow-mo, melee punishment to anyone that gets in your way.

If you’ve never played a pure melee character in Cyberpunk 2077, this build will show you why that playstyle isn’t nearly as boring as it can be in similar RPGs. In fact, a “bruiser” playstyle is one of the best ways to explore the surprising depth of Cyberpunk 2077‘s character-building system.

You’ll be amazed by how much damage a build like this lets you deal and take. If you’ve ever wanted to chase down an enemy vehicle and beat that vehicle’s inhabitants to death without them having any chance to retaliate, this is the build for you.

Weapons/Key Items

Qiant Snadevistan Mk. 4
Gorilla Arms Legendary


Body: 18
Reflexes: 18
Technical Ability: 18
Intelligence: 3
Cool: 12


Athletics: Invincible, Epimorphosis, Dog of War, Steel Shell, Tenacious V, Sheel and Chrome, Regeneration, Marathoner, Cardio Cure, Wolverine

Street Brawler: Thrash, Opportune Strike, Crushing Blows, Rush, Frenzy, Flurry, Dazed, Unshakable, Biding Time, Juggernaut

Blades: Judge Jury and Executioner, Roaring Waters, Sting Like a Bee, Slow and Steady, Deathbolt, Blessed Blade, Offensive Defense, Float Like a Butterfly

Ninjutsu: From the Shadows, Aggressive Antitoxins, Assassin

Cold Blood: Coolagulant, Will to Survive, Rapid Bloodblow, Cold Blood, Predator, Blood Brawl, Defensive Clotting

Crafting: True Craftsman, Grease Monkey, Edgerunner Artisan, Field technician, Tune Up\

Engineering: Blast Shielding, Insulation, Bladerunner

Cyberware: Nanorelays, Heal on Kill, Bioconductor, Stacking Heat Sink, Mechatronic Core, Kiroshi Optics Mk 3, Second Heart, Biomonitor, Maneuvering System, Subdermal Armor, Fireproof Coating, Reinforced Tendons

Best Cyberpunk 2077 Builds: The Matrix/Bullet Time Build

While many Cyberpunk 2077 builds utilize slow-motion to some degree, this build from YouTuber Optimus Grime asks “Why not just use slow-mo all the time?”

As you’ve probably gathered, this build is designed to maximize your slow-mo uptime. The defensive advantages of Cyberpunk 2077‘s slow-mo techniques are obvious, but it’s this build’s offensive capabilities that really stand apart. Despite the name, this build is really all about emphasizing the character speed that produces that slow-motion effect.

While this particular build emphasizes shotguns and explosives for maximum carnage, the beauty of this whole concept is that your enhanced slow-mo capabilities will end up doing most of the work. As such, you can really take this idea in a few different directions once you have the core components in place.

Weapons/Key Items

Sovereign (or another double barrel shotgun)


Body: 20
Reflexes: 20
Technical Ability: 18
Intelligence: 3
Cool: 4


Annihilation: Speed Demon, Momentum Shift, Pump It Louder, Dead Center, Heavy Lead, Poppin Off, Manic, Mongoose, Hail of Bullets, Bloodrush, Skeet Shooter, Hit the Deck, Massacre, In Your Face, Bulldozer, Unstoppable, Biathlete

Athletics: Invincible, Epimorphosis, Dog of War, Steel Shell, Tenacious V, Regeneration, Multitasker, Indestructible, Divided Attention, Wolverine, Cardio Cure

Cold Blood: Cold Blood, Merciless

Crafting: Waste Not Want Not, True Craftsman, Innovation, Grease Monkey, Field Technician, Mechanic, Workshop, Edgerunner Artisan, Scrapper, Sapper, Cost Optimization

Engineering: Blast Shielding, Bigger Booms

Cyberware: Projectile Launch System with Titanium Plating, Biomonoitor, Mechatronic Core, Heal on Kill, Syn Lungs, Microrotors, Bioconductor, Giant Sandevistan Mk 4

Best Cyberpunk 2077 Builds: The Rebecca Build (AKA the Guts Build)

While there are a few reasons why Rebecca has quickly become one of the most beloved characters in Cyberpunk Edgerunners, her fondness for pretty much every type of gun and weapon ever assembled is certainly a cornerstone of her character. This build from KhrazeGaming looks to turn your own Cyberpunk character into a similarly skilled gun nut.

The basic idea here is really rather simple. While this build emphasizes getting the most out of the Guts shotgun (Rebecca’s iconic weapon from the show), it generally emphasizes getting the most out of nearly every weapon in the game.

If you’ve ever wanted to tear through every enemy in front of you at blazing fast speeds while swapping between just about every kind of firearm you could possibly imagine, this is the build for you. Granted, this build does require you to essentially ignore large parts of the game, but the results are worth it.

Weapons/Key Items

Guts Shotgun (and pretty much whatever else you want)


Body: 18
Reflexes: 18
Technical Ability: 18
Intelligence: 3
Cool: 12


Annihilation: Hail of Bullet, In Your Face, Bulldozer, Pump it Louder, Heavy Lead, Skeet Shooter, Poppin’ Off, Hit the Deck, Unstoppable, Speed Demon, Momentum Shift, Manic, Bloodrush

Athletics: Multitasker, Divided Attention, Marathoner, Invincible, Street Shell, 

Assault: Eagle Eye, BulletJock, Executioner, Feel the Flow, Shoot Reload Repeat, Duck Hunter, Named Bullets, Bullseye, Skullripper, Recoil Wrangler, Long Shot, Executioner

Ninjutsu: Assassin, From the Shadows

Cold Blood: Easy Out, Cold Blood, Icy Veins, Coolagulant, Frozen Precision

Crafting: True Craftsman, Greasemonkey, Edgerunner Artisan, Field Technician

Engineering: Bladerunner, Ubercharge, Tesla, Lickety Split, Play the Angles, Lock and Load, Gun Whisperer, Up to 11, Fuck All Walls, Draw the Line

CyberWare: Heal on Kill, Biomonitor, Second Heart, Bioconductor, Kerenzikov, Maneuvering System, Militech Berserk Mk. 5 (for health) or Biodyne Berserk Mk. 4 (for damage), Qiant Sandevistan Mk. 4

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