Deadpool 3 Was Always Destined to Star Hugh Jackman

In the video, Jackman lifts a Ryan Reynolds mask to his face to insist that it is he, Ryan Reynolds with an extremely thick Australian accent, here to celebrate the fact Reynolds really was at last getting his name put down on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “So feel free to urinate on my section of the sidewalk,” Jackman’s “Reynolds” concludes.

Logan Toy in Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2’s Greatest Heartbreak

If you don’t recall, Deadpool 2 (2018) begins with terrible, irrevocable, and inconsolable grief. You see, one year prior to its release, the movie Logan came out. And that movie ended with Jackman’s Wolverine being killed off for seeming good since he was impaled onto a log in his old age. They even buried the body.

Deadpool 2 reminded us of this in graphic detail, too, since the first thing we see in the film is a plastic recreation of Wolverine’s death pose, turned into a music box toy by a visibly depressed Merc with a Mouth.

“Fuck Wolverine,” Deadpool eventually whines. “First, he rides my coattails with the R-rating and then the hairy motherfucker ups the ante by dying. What a dick.”

Deadpool 2 Post-Credits Scene Has “Crossover”

Even after accepting Wolverine is a “dick,” Deadpool 2 just couldn’t quit Jackman. During the film’s post-credit scenes, Wade Wilson uses his newfound ability to time travel to fix past mistakes… including by slaughtering that awful abomination of a “Deadpool” created by X-Men Origins: Wolverine. By using stock footage from when the scene was filmed in 2008, Reynolds inserts his modern Deadpool into the older film to interact with Logan after killing the imposter-Deadpool.

“Hey, it’s me, don’t scratch!” Reynolds snarks. “Just cleaning up the timeline. Look, eventually you’re going to hang up the claws and make a lot of people very sad. But one day, your old pal Wade is going to ask you to get back in the saddle again. And when he does, say yes!”

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