Doctor Who Series 14 News, Rumours, Cast, Episodes & Where to Watch

Russell T Davies also hinted in a February 2022 interview that Series 14 was going to feel very new, saying:  ‘There are things coming up that are brand new ways of telling stories that have never been done before.’ In a later interview in Doctor Who Magazine, he also teased that the opening line of the Episode Seven script read:


First Director Confirmed… and His Back Catalogue is Pleasingly Weird

So far, we know the director for the first block of filming will be Dylan Holmes Williams, a young British screenwriter who has previously worked on some very cool, creepy horror projects.

These include M Night Shyamalan’s Apple TV series Servant, about a couple who hire a nanny to look after a reborn doll, and Holmes William’s own creation, Stilts, a dystopian short about a world where everyone is forced to wear giant metal stilts until one man rebels.

Which Writers Could Join Russell T Davies? 

Obviously Russell T Davies is writing episodes (in Doctor Who Magazine’s issue 584 he said he had ‘six episodes of the New Series’ and was starting the seventh, although we don’t know if he wrote the other six solo) but no guest writers have been confirmed as yet. 

Former showrunner Steven Moffat also confirmed to that Davies had shared his scripts for the new series, which Moffat dubbed ‘fantastic’, leading some to wonder whether there are plans for Moffat to contribute to Series 14. He denied it, saying it was too soon for a return for him in any form. ‘For me it feels like yesterday that I wrote Doctor Who.’ 

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