Every Main Character In Clerks III Ranked Worst To Best

The original “Clerks” film is iconic because of the main cast, the sharp writing, and the eccentric customers that frequent the Quick Stop. “Clerks III” brings back nearly every character from the first outing, and it’s a delight for long-time fans. Whether it’s the cat poop guy, egg inspector, Chewlies Gum rep, angry video store customer, the guy who gets his arm stuck in a Pringles can, a surprise “Mallrats” cameo, or Harley Quinn Smith taking over as the “milkmaid” (a customer that takes out every gallon of milk looking for the latest expiration date), they all stop by to annoy Dante and Randal one last time.

The making of “Inconvenience” section in “Clerks III” balances nostalgia with new jokes peppered in and fun behind-the-scenes bits. An example is a hilarious scene where Jay is nervous about dancing in front of “all those people,” referring to a four-person crew. He makes them hit record and go inside so he can dance with no one watching. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes have recounted this as being 100% true, making the scene even more authentic and funny. 

Both films were made on a small budget, with the original casting almost entirely non-actors. Incredibly, Kevin Smith was able to get all these New Jersey natives to return and reprise their roles. Any fans of the original should be smiling ear-to-ear during this trip down memory lane.

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