Every Season Of Luther Ranked Worst To Best

The opening moments of “Luther” perfectly encompass the title character, a man who has his reasons for flirting with codes and boundaries, often to someone else’s peril. The show wastes no time in establishing our protagonist as something of an anti-hero, but one we will root for nonetheless.

The next moments show the brutality of Luther’s job — a slain family and their dog lay in a bloody mess — and introduces us to Alice Morgan (the incredible Ruth Wilson), one of television’s best psychopaths. Although Alice isn’t a permanent fixture in the series, her presence is felt from episode 1 right through season 5’s finale. Cross treats Alice with great sympathy and curiosity, which allows Wilson to develop her with a unique nuance not often seen in this type of character. And then there’s the palpable chemistry between Elba and Wilson, which pushes the boundaries between cop and criminal.

As the longest season of the show (six whole episodes), season 1 gives us plenty of time to get to know Luther, his co-workers, and their relationships to one another. Each episode presents a new case for Luther, Ripley, and DCI Ian Reed (Steven Mackintosh) to solve, ranging from occult-influenced serial killers to war veterans. The season craftily mixes thrilling moments and explosive action sequences with Agatha Christie-like mysteries that build the tension to an unexpected boiling point by the season’s end.

“Luther” is a crown jewel in Elba’s sterling career and one of television’s best shows, and it all started with a premiere season that bolts straight out of the gate and takes no prisoners.

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