Everything We Know About The Animated Series Version Of The Beloved Board Game

There is very little info on the story for the “Clue” series, according to Deadline, though one can make some assumptions. We know there will be at least one murder, and likely a group of detectives (and/or suspects) who have to solve it. It’s animated, though, so who knows how brutal the murder(s) will be? 

You know, murders with weapons like a candlestick, a revolver, a lead pipe, etc. aren’t exactly going to be bloodless. How the story goes will depend on whether or not the series is intended for kids or adults.

Will the entire season be one murder? Will the suspects from that murder (maybe the ones whose names we know from the game) end up turning into sleuths? Or could we have the same group with a different victim each season? The movie had multiple alternate endings that played in different theaters, after all.

The one thing Deadline reports about the plot is that the series will encapsulate “the thrilling and suspenseful dynamics that have made Clue a global sensation for more than seven decades.”

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