Everything We Know So Far About The Mike Judge Animated Comedy At Peacock

Lately, animation has become an excellent tool for storytellers to break past the boundaries drawn by live-action. Streamers can employ animation to create both mature and profound content with detailed depictions of adult themes. Animated stories aren’t just for kids — they can be entertaining for adults, too. While Peacock has yet to branch into animation for more mature audiences, other streaming services have taken note, with shows like “BoJack Horseman,” “Arcane,” and “Rick and Morty” taking the entertainment world by storm.

Judge and Daniel’s “Best Buds” will follow the story of Calvin, who works at his family-owned flower shop (called Best Buds), often described as the “crown jewel of the local strip mall.” When Calvin’s best friend Evelyn returns to town after dropping out of grad school, she gets a job at the flower shop, and the two work together to bring the store out of the 1980s into the present world. “Best Buds” will be produced by Universal Television and comes from writers-creators Catie Delaney and Caleb Hearon.

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