Gangs of London Comic Book Tells the Story of Elliot’s Year. Read it Exclusively Here.

Elliot has gone from a highly trained, honest, undercover cop cover to a contract killer. But what does that do to a man?

The first of (hopefully) many graphic novels exploring the world of Gangs looks to answer this. 

Hardy spoke with Den of Geek about why the graphic novel medium fit so well with this show.

“The title, Gangs of London, originated from a video game and whilst we didn’t choose to follow the specifics of that gaming iteration, when Gareth [Evans] created the show and I became involved, it was clear how the mix of genres, Asian martial arts, Western, Crime and Horror would play into the overall world of the show. And this also included a certain graphic novel quality in both the structure of the episodes themselves, the look and feel, as well as the explosive action-packed sensibilities. I had always felt that it could be a nice companion to the show if we could tell side stories in comic book form surrounding some of our main iconic characters and with the great work of my storyboard artist and illustrator Ferenc ‘Freddy’ Nothof, who has done so many storyboards for me and helped me map out some of the action sequences, in mind, it felt like an exciting idea to propose we explore.”

Hardy and Sope Dirisu, who plays Elliot, discussed Elliot’s backstory at length but Hardy says he was able to go into more specific detail and visualise Elliot’s journey in Ghosts, with the plus that, “in this format you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to pull off the international locations & multiple action sequences!” 

Keep your eyes peeled for more Gangs graphic novels too. Further issues will expand other characters’ journeys.

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