Glass Onion Director Rian Johnson Solves A Mystery About Benoit Blanc

The scene in question is a brief but delightful window into Benoit Blanc’s domestic life, which he shares with a man who seems accustomed to the odd behavior that comes with Blanc’s brand of genius. We won’t spoil the actor who plays Benoit Blanc’s partner, but it’s a delightful cameo. There is some ambiguity as to their relationship in “Glass Onion” itself, compounded by Benoit’s beau referring to him as “Blanc” rather than by his first name. However, it turns out that’s just an adorable quirk of their relationship.

“Yes, he obviously is,” Rian Johnson replied firmly when asked whether Benoit Blanc is gay or if “Glass Onion” was merely doing a bit of queerbaiting. As mentioned above, “Glass Onion” is very tightly plotted and almost every second of the film is tied to the central mystery rather than offshoots or subplots, so we only great the briefest of looks through the window at Benoit’s life when he’s not solving mysteries. But with another sequel already on the way, courtesy of Netflix, hopefully we haven’t seen the last of Benoit Blanc’s home life.

“Glass Onion” will have a one-week theatrical run in the U.S. from November 23 to 29, 2022, before making its way to Netflix on December 23, 2022.

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