GoldenEye 007: Xbox Game Pass and Switch Online Release Time

After years of anticipation, the beloved N64 game GoldenEye 007 is finally returning to (some) modern consoles. Fans are eager to dive back into the cherished classic, though “when” they will be able to start playing GoldenEye is proving to be a surprisingly tough question.

The GoldenEye 007 remaster is set to launch on January 27th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. The good news for owners of both those consoles is that the remastered FPS will be available via each platform’s most popular subscription service (Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online). Those subscribed to those services will be able to start playing the game as soon as it is made available to the public.

If you’re not subscribed to those services…well, that’s where things get tricky. Until now, Nintendo has not revealed any plans to release a digital retail version of GoldenEye 007. That means that the only way to play the game on that device is to subscribe to the Switch Online + Expansion Pack plan (which will set you back $50 a year). Yes, that means that those stuck with the base version of the Switch Online service will not be able to play GoldenEye.

However, Xbox gamers have another option. Anyone who previously purchased the Rare Replay collection will receive GoldenEye 007 for free as part of that collection. Otherwise, both Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to access the game via their console (though a PC release of the remaster is sadly not available at this time).

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