Halloween 4’s Rooftop Showdown Had The Entire Set On Pins And Needles

In the film, Jaime and her teenage foster sister, Rachel (Ellie Cornell), take shelter at the fortified home of the sheriff. Of courses, Michael Myers shows up and dispatches the armed guards, leaving him alone with the sisters. He stalks them up the stairs, through a top window, and onto the slopped roof. Rachel slips and slides as she crawls to the top carrying Jaime on her back. Myers appears and stabs at them. In a panic, Rachel crafts a makeshift harness with a wire to rappel Jaime down to safety, but Myers again comes swinging his knife. Rachel drops Jaime; thanks to the harness, she stops short of hitting the ground. Rachel tumbles and clings on to the gutters, but knife swipes from Myers sends her crashing to the pavement. It’s one of the most intense scenes in the movie.

“They were all troopers, but the key to that whole scene was that it combined a lot of fears,” Dwight H. Little, the film’s director, told Daily Dead in 2018. “There’s the fear of Michael, but it’s also a fear of heights and losing someone you love, so it’s terrifying on a lot of different levels.”

The actors were indeed troopers because filming the scene was as dangerous as it appeared on screen. The production crew built the rooftop in an open field in Utah where the movie was filmed. They shot the scene on a chilly March night; the rooftop tiles were icy and slippery. Everyone were rigged on a wire, and stunt people surrounded the roof below in case anyone fell. “We had to be extra careful from every conceivable safety point,” Little said. Still, they weren’t able to save one of their stars from injury.

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