Han Solo Moments In Star Wars That We’ll Never Get Tired Of Watching

We finally learn the truth about Han Solo midway through “A New Hope.” Beneath the bluster and bravado, he’s a bit of a doofus. Han has a habit of reacting instead of stopping to think. He’s an incredible improviser and can squeak out of most situations because of it, but sometimes, he’s just a lovable goof making things worse.

Luke plays to Han’s inherent greed to convince him to help rescue Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher). They slap a pair of handcuffs on Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and stride into the detention center as easily as you please. Then, they shoot up the place. While Luke goes to spring the princess, Han turns to the command console and answers an incoming call. 

Han tries to convince the Imperial on the line that everything is alright, “situation normal,” but his awkward attempts only escalate the situation. First, he claims there is a weapons malfunction, which sounds pretty ominous, and then, he ups the ante by saying they are dealing with a reactor leak! It’s no wonder the Imperial demands to know who he’s talking to. In true Han fashion, rather than hanging up the call, He shoots the console. Front to back, this is one of the most hilarious scenes in all of “Star Wars,” and my favorite Han Solo moment.

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