Harrison Ford Confirms He’s Not Involved In The Indiana Jones TV Show At All

When asked if he ever thinks about the legacy of the Indiana Jones franchise, Ford was as blunt as could be: “Uh … no.” Asked how the character’s essence has remained so consistent since 1981, he replied with the obvious: “It’s the same actor playing him … This is not your fifth Bond. This is your first and original Indiana Jones.”

The idea of a TV series is something the actor seems dismissive of, not caring to think about Indiana Jones beyond “Dial of Destiny,” which he assumes will be the last time fans see the character on the big screen. While Indy’s marriage to Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) at the end of “Crystal Skull” seemed final, the end of “Dial of Destiny,” Ford said, will be the real finale: 

“This is the final film in the series, and this is the last time I’ll play the character. […] I anticipate that it will be the last time that he appears in a film. I’m aware of the fact that there are plans underway — or underfoot — for a television version of the Indiana Jones experience, but I’ll not be involved in that, if it does come to fruition.”

Whether or not the series comes to fruition remains to be seen. There have, of course, been many rumors about the content of an Indiana Jones TV series, with some assuming it would follow a new character named Helena played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, to be introduced in “Dial of Destiny.” The film’s director, James Mangold, has taken to social media to put the kibosh on those rumors, and Disney has yet to officially announce a series at all. 

What we know for sure: It might happen, and Ford will not be involved. Further bulletins as events warrant. 

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