Her Smell Director Alex Ross Perry Is Making Quite The Movie About The Indie Band Pavement

If you haven’t become tired of the increasing number of musician biopics in our current film landscape, you’re probably lying. It seems like every musician with a story has been getting a biopic, the results of which vary greatly from film to film. You can arguably even say this about non-musician biopics. For example, do we really need to see a dramatized version of how “Tetris” was distributed throughout the world?

However, this idea with Pavement sounds like it could result in something extremely cool. In particular, combining fact and fiction until the lines between each other blur has a lot of potential as a criticism of the modern biopic. Of course, we don’t know anything about the movie other than what Perry has divulged, but given Pavement’s penchant for sharp social commentary, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

We likely won’t be able to see this Alex Ross Perry and Pavement film for a while. However, the wait will probably be worth it when it finally does roll around.

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