Here’s What Happened When I Tried Out Ted Lasso And Bumble’s Bantr Live Experience

Using Bantr also made me realize that its subplot in “Ted Lasso” isn’t as far-fetched as it initially seemed. Even though the strict time limit prevented deeper conversation, knowing each other only through messages does allow you to get to know the other person from a totally unbiased perspective.

That appears to be exactly what happened between these two. Rebecca is charmed by the conversations she has had with her mysterious suitor, and when she finds out that it is the Richmond right-winger, the two decide to test out their relationship due to their online compatibility.

And here is where the downsides of Bantr Live come into play. Because you only know each other through messaging, you aren’t necessarily prepared for the possibility that there isn’t any real-life chemistry. Such was the case between Rebecca and Sam – even if you ignore the weirdness of a football club owner dating one of her players, there was an awkwardness to their intimacy that suggested that their online flirtations weren’t adapting well to the real world.

While there is a certain charm in anonymously chatting with someone, the Bantr Live experience likely won’t result in the regular user finding their soulmate. I’d rather just take my chances swiping through dating profiles. That being said, it also resulted in some major questions of mine regarding “Ted Lasso” getting answered, such as why Rebecca and Sam even decided to date in the first place. I suppose that when you win some, you lose some.

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