House Of The Dragon Introduced Its Coolest Castle Yet With Driftmark

The throne itself is driftwood. It’s weathered, clearly surviving storms that would have drowned other items, smooth and without splinters after having been through buffeting. Way better than that stabby seat in King’s Landing. There are candles everywhere, bringing warm light and little touches, making it less of a throne room and more of a home. Even the throne’s dais is only three steps up from the floor. Nothing echoes with the wood surrounding it all, making it even more friendly (and challenging to eavesdrop on conversations).

I also noticed a great lighting moment. The room is darker through the storm and the king’s entrance. Then the lighting warms up when it’s just Rhaenys and Corlys, who are definitely about to take this up the curvy staircase in that room and head to bed. You see more of the blue on the walls and more of the items that are precious to the family. Even the Crab Feeder’s mask is displayed to the side for Corlys to enjoy rather than to intimidate visitors.

This setting makes it clear that Corlys and Rhaenys are comfortable enough in their power and partnership that they don’t need to intimidate anyone. They don’t need ostentatious or intimidating displays. Rhaenys may have been meant to rule, but she’s probably happier here than she would have been in King’s Landing.

Final thought: I did notice what appeared to be a model of the castle in the room … what is it with the ruling families of Westeros that they need to have dollhouses? 

“House of the Dragon” is airing on HBO and streaming on HBO Max. 

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