House Of The Dragon’s Writers Have An Idea Of Where (And When) The Series Will End

“House of the Dragon” has already been renewed for a second season by HBO — and there’s hope for the series to continue until the Dance of the Dragons, the civil war between two Targaryen claimants to the Iron Throne. Co-showrunners Condal and Sapochnik are prepared and have a plan for the show’s second season. They know the landmarks and places they want the story to follow and want to depict two sides of Targaryens in power — with and without dragons. Condal shared:

“I think we have a fairly good plan laid out. Plans like that always have to be fairly broad, yet you have an idea of landmarks, and places that you want to go, and a sense of an end point, which I think is really important, particularly with this story. There’s 170 years of history in front of us, so you have to figure out, at what point do you do lower the curtain on this particular story? We’ve always had a good sense of that.”

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