Hugh Jackman Didn’t Mind Being ‘Put Through The Wringer’ For His X-Men Movie Debut

Because the role of Wolverine is now so firmly linked to Hugh Jackman, it’s surprising to learn that the role was actually originally offered to Russell Crowe. When Crowe turned it down, Jackman got his opportunity, and he clearly made the most of it.

The creators of the film must have soon been glad they ended up with the easy-going Jackman instead of the famously tough-to-work-with Crowe, as, according to Paquin in her interview, Jackman was happy to go through some tough scenes over and over again during filming.

“He got put through the wringer on that first [“X-Men” movie] and never, ever complained,” Paquin, who played the teenage runaway mutant Rogue, said. “It’d be like, minus 40, and he’s being dropped off some building onto his back over and over and over again. And still has all the time in the world to be a nice, normal person.”

Even when he’s rehearsing scenes where he gets his butt kicked repeatedly, Jackman still finds time to be a really good dude. It’s comforting to know that beneath Wolverine’s grisly, surly surface, there’s a heart of gold in there both in and out of character.

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