I Am Legend Deleted Scenes That Change Everything

Will Smith and Alice Braga have remarkable chemistry. Audiences might not realize it from the movie’s theatrical cut where Braga’s Anna is introduced far too late into “I Am Legend,” but as evidenced by the cut scenes, the two consistently elevate the material, striking at the core of what’s made Richard Matheson’s source material endure decades after it first released.

In one cut scene shortly after Anna’s first meeting with Neville, the two have a prolonged conversation in the kitchen as Anna’s young companion Ethan (Charlie Tahan) rests. They discuss the nature of the pandemic, the Darkseekers, and soon arrive at Neville’s injury. Neville remarks about being injured in a trap, with Anna positing the Darkseekers themselves might have set it on purpose. 

The revelation augments the Darkseekers’ intelligence. To this point, Neville had considered them monstrous nothings, shells of violence with no genuine cognitive reasoning. By asserting they might be capable of setting traps, Anna accelerates Neville’s shift in consciousness. The Darkseekers, in other words, aren’t terribly unlike the humans they’re hunting.

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