If You Want To Know The Future Of House Of The Dragon, Just Listen To Helaena Targaryen

Then, just as her mother gets distracted with a conversation with her brother, she adds, “He’ll have to close an eye.” In the very next episode, that same brother, Aemond (Leo Ashton), loses an eye during a fight with his dark-haired nephews, all in pursuit of a dragon. Lest there be any doubt that Helaena’s observation predicted this, she says the line about closing an eye right after Aemond complains to his mother about wanting a dragon.

The girl’s knack for prophecy continues into the next episode, where she carefully observes a spindly-legged spider during the funeral for Lady Laenna (Nanna Blondell). While her brother — and betrothed — Aegon (Ty Tennant) calls her “an idiot,” Helaena is casually predicting a civil war. “Hand turns loom. Spool of green, spool of black,” she says idly, before finishing, “dragons of flesh weaving dragons of thread.” While this may not mean much to folks who haven’t read George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood,” it’s a pretty revealing line for those who have.

During the upcoming Dance of the Dragons, a civil war that will tear the Targaryen family apart, the members of House Targaryen split into two factions: the Greens and the Blacks. The line “hand turns loom” likely refers to Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans), the scheming once and future Hand of the King whose machinations lead right into the bloody conflict. And while her last line is a little more vague, it likely refers to the conflict between the kids who are Targaryen by blood — “dragons of flesh” — and Rhaenyra’s (Emma D’Arcy) illegitimate heirs — “dragons of thread,” whose claim to the throne seems to be hanging by a thread.

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