Is IMAX Entering The Streaming Business?

IMAX will utilize the SSIMWAVE technology with their existing streaming clients like Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, and Comcast/NBCU for live broadcasting, but the acquisition has opened them up to additional prospective clients. For example, if a popular game or a one-time event broadcast wants to guarantee that their audience is getting the best possible visual quality, they can now partner with IMAX to make that happen, allowing the company a new avenue for revenue. 

Gelfond also added, “When they stream content to their different platforms, SIMMWAVE technology tells them how to stream it in the most cost-effective way that creates the highest quality experience.” The magical phrase being “cost-effective,” which will surely pique the attention of every streaming CEO in the game.

“Filmmakers will be really happy about this acquisition because we’re going to help make sure that when their content is released on alternative platforms, it’s going to be in the best way possible,” he continued. While it appears that IMAX has no current plans to develop its own streaming service and will instead force all of the streamers who want this technology to go through them, we also never want to say never. Who knows, maybe a year from now we’ll be reporting on IMAX’s new optimal visual streamer … that people will still watch with god-awful motion smoothing settings left on their TV.

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