Jamie Lee Curtis Has Already Pitched A Freaky Friday Sequel To Disney

Curtis, star of the 2003 version, recalls her film with fondness. It has impacted Millennials with perhaps the same power that the 1976 version marked Gen-Xers, and it’s no wonder why, as Waters’ version is bubbly, clever, and even a mite subversive. A highlight is when Curtis, occupied by her teenage daughter, sits to have a conversation with her daughter’s crush. They bond over their mutual hidden affection for Britney Spears‘ “Baby One More Time.” The film climaxes with Curtis taking up a guitar — a talent of her daughter’s — and jamming backstage while Lohan, occupied by her mother, awkwardly mimes guitar movements on stage. Both actresses are delightful in the film. 

Curtis, in speaking on “The View” on October 10, 2022, announced that not only would she return for a sequel to “Freaky Friday” some 20 years later, but she already had a pitch in mind … which she already mailed to Disney. Her idea? Curtis, 63, swaps bodies with her 36-year-old daughter. She said: 

“I have already written to Disney … I’m 64 years old in a month, soon. My point is, creatively, I’m wide open. So Lindsay Lohan and me back in ‘Freaky Friday?’ She was just in a Christmas movie, she got married. It’s all good. Bring it! Let me be the gramma! Let me be the old gramma who switches places. Then Lindsay can be the hot gramma who’s still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon.”

Harmon played Curtis’ fiancé in the 2003 film and Lohan was not pleased with her incoming stepfather. In Curtis’ version, their marriage is going well, and her adult daughter would have to face that.

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