Judge Dredd Returns, Star Wars Goes Pandemic, And Horror Rules The Day

While the recent board game boom often makes us view the industry with a touch of recency bias, there are high-profile games that predate even our modern classics. For example, consider “Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime Fighting in Mega-City One,” a 1982 Games Workshop title that combined action cards and dice rolls in your quest to become the ultimate crime-fighting lawman in comic book history. Regarded as a cult classic, fans were still surprised to see a new version announced with a November 2022 release date.

In a statement from publisher Rebellion Unplugged, the designers note that they have done their best to remain faithful to the original game while updating the title for a new generation of players. To that end, Rebellion Unplugged has elected not to replace the original cardboard standees with expensive miniatures, echoing the experience of playing the game in its original, cardboard-heavy format.

But few games from the 1980s are optimized for modern audiences. Rebellion Unplugged is bundling the game with a new expansion, “Specialist Judges,” to add new judges and more gameplay options to the experience. This release also marks the second “Judge Dredd” title Rebellion Unplugged has raised from the dead; in 2020, they rereleased “Block Mania,” a tactical combat game initially released in 1987. So if “Judge Dredd” ever delivers on its long-gestating television potential, Rebellion Unplugged will be ready to help nurture a new generation of fans.

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