Link Tank: LEGO Unveils Massive 2,900+ Piece Black Panther Bust

“There are few better predictors of both a) buzziest fall films and b) obvious Oscar bait than the Toronto International Film Festival. Cannes, Venice, and Telluride will have a mainstream hit here or artsy contender there, but it’s still TIFF that rules the festival roost. Whether you’re a casual moviegoer wondering what’s on the radar for the coming months or a hardcore Oscar prognosticator (or an industry member on a plane to Toronto at this very moment), you need a cheat sheet.”

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Have you ever wondered what Breaking Bad would look like as a Pixar movie? Probably not, but here it is anyway.

“It’s been nearly 10 years since Breaking Bad bowed out with an explosive series finale in 2013, but fan appreciation for the series about high school chemist-turned-meth king Walter White (Bryan Cranston) remains strong. One admirer in particular has imagined what the show would look like if it had been hatched at Pixar, the animation studio that brought us Toy Story (1995), Up (2009), and more. The result is both clever and disturbing.”

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The latest rumors suggest that Marvel has signed a multitude of massive stars, including Henry Cavill himself.

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