Overwatch 2 Cross-Progression Explained: How to Merge Accounts

To merge Overwatch accounts, you’ll first want to boot up Overwatch 2 on your console. This will prompt an initial setup process complete with video and audio options. Once that’s finished, the game will ask you to either scan a QR code with your phone or enter a simple alphanumeric code via a URL provided on the screen. Doing either will take you to the Battle.net account page. Log into your existing account (or make one), and use the code or QR to connect the game with your account.

After that is finished, confirm that you want to assign your console to your Battle.net account, and that’s it. Merger complete. 

Overwatch 2: How to Activate Account Merger Using a PC

Say you haven’t installed Overwatch 2 yet, or maybe you are downloading it right now but your internet is slow and you want to merge accounts while you wait. Thankfully, you can actually do that.

To merge accounts before you start the game, use your PC browser and navigate to the Battle.net account page. Either log into your account or create one. Then, click on the “Connections” button, and your browser will open a new tab with all the accounts you can link to your Battle.net. Select your platform of choice (e.g., PlayStation Network or Xbox Live), and press the “+ Connect” button next to it. The website will automatically retrieve your account, so all you have to do is press “Continue,” and you’re done. Your console account is now merged with Blizzard’s Battle.net.

Please note that both of the merger methods come with one major catch. If for any reason you merge one console account with your Battle.net info and want to link another one instead, you have to wait a full year to do so. In other words, if your account gets banned and you have to create a new one (or you accidentally link the wrong account), you will have to sit on your worthless merge for a full 365 days before you can rectify the issue. That’s obviously a significant drawback.

Overwatch 2: How to Fix the “Merge Accounts Not Working” Error

Numerous Overwatch 2 players are reporting receiving the dreaded “Merge Accounts Not Working” message whenever they try to merge their accounts or use merged accounts. Unfortunately, this may be one of those annoying Overwatch 2 errors that you actually have very little control over.

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