Overwatch 2 Endorsement System Explained: Why You Should Always Endorse Other Players

Overwatch 2: What Do Endorsements Actually Do?

On a basic level, Overwatch 2‘s endorsements allow you to tell your teammates “good job” without having to use your microphone or the chat window. It’s there to make people feel good about themselves in a game that can sometimes make people feel pretty bad about their performance (even if they were an ideal teammate). However, endorsements are so much more than a virtual pat on the back.

By endorsing other players, you directly contribute to their “Endorsement Level.” You know that number you see next to your teammates’ post-match profile? That’s their current endorsement level. You can also view other people’s current endorsement level by interacting with them via the game’s social features. If you’re curious about your own endorsement level, you can check it at any time via your career profile menu.

Overwatch 2‘s endorsement levels currently go from “Rank 1” to “Rank 5.” One is the default, and five is the current endorsement level cap. As you receive more endorsements, your endorsement level will go up. Your endorsement level can also go down if you’re reported too many times, if you stop receiving endorsements for a prolonged period of time, or if you leave too many matches too early. It’s not clear how many endorsements it takes to go from one to five, but many “good teammates” will reach that top rank before too long.

Again, Overwatch 2‘s endorsements are primarily designed to help good teammates find each other and to identify and isolate poor teammates. However, Overwatch 2‘s endorsements offer additional, more direct benefits.

Overwatch 2: How Does the Endorsement Level Reward System Work?

Unlike in Overwatch where endorsement and endorsement levels largely existed for social purposes, Overwatch 2‘s endorsements actually directly benefit the players that receive them. Specifically, it allows them to work their way through Overwatch 2‘s new battle pass faster than they would otherwise.

Overwatch 2 will occasionally reward you with extra Battle Pass XP based on your current endorsement level. The exact amount of XP you receive (and when you receive that XP) appears to be somewhat random/chaotic, but the basic idea is pretty simple. The more endorsements you receive, and the higher of an endorsement level you maintain, the more Battle Pass XP you’ll receive from time to time.

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