Overwatch 2: Every Character Ranked Worst to Best

Wrecking Ball suffers from a similar problem. As an off-tank, Wrecking Ball could easily frustrate the opposition. As a primary tank, Wrecking Ball just doesn’t bring a ton to the party. A good Wrecking Ball player that is able to coordinate with their team will be able to make the most out of Wrecking Ball’s hit-and-run style. Other Wrecking Ball players might be a liability.

Reinhardt has the opposite problem. He’s still the best shield tank in the game, but the increased speed of the Overwatch 2 meta can sometimes make his purely defensive style a liability. While he’s undeniably invaluable in specific situations, those situations aren’t as common as they once were. At the very least, you need to play him more aggressively than you’re probably used to.

Doomfist can usually be found at the very bottom or very top of these kinds of lists. I can honestly see arguments for and against him as your main tank. However, as the lead tank in a “dive comp,” he can bring a lot to the party. Doomfist excels at jumping into a group of enemies and causing chaos while picking off stragglers. It takes a while to learn how to use him, but a great Doomfist player shows you why that process may be worth the effort eventually

Junker Queen is arguably a DPS character wearing a tank disguise. While she won’t be topping many damage charts, her ability to cause chaos while surviving leaps of faith into the fray is certainly notable. Actually, her biggest problem at the moment is the fact that some of the best counters to her playstyle happen to be popular picks. In the right set-ups, though, her bleed package can be a nightmare to deal with.

Winston should suffer from the same problems that make Wrecking Ball a niche pick, but he offers a couple of notable advantages in some key areas. He’s built for the dive playstyle that Overwatch 2 emphasizes at the moment, and his bubble defense is powerful enough to let him stay in the fray a bit longer. You do have to learn to love his alt-fire ability (which can be more annoying than devastating), but Winston is currently doing exactly what he was designed to do.

Sigma is interesting. While he’s not the most obvious candidate for the one-tank meta, he does bring an interesting blend of survivability and damage to the table. My biggest problem with Sigma is that it can take a little while to learn how to both play with him and as him. A great Sigma player is a tremendous asset, though, so anyone looking to learn a more damage-oriented tank that still offers some more traditional tank tools should look into him.

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