Paul Reiser Was Glad To See Eddie Murphy Aged Just A Little Bit While Reuniting For Beverly Hills Cop 4 [Exclusive]

Reiser was asked about reuniting with Eddie Murphy for the fourth film in a series that has spanned almost four decades. Reiser joked that he tries to “help Eddie out whenever I can and to boost his career. So it’s an honor.” The “Stranger Things” star also had something to say about the fact that Eddie Murphy looks pretty similar to when the first movie premiered, saying, “I was finally glad to see that he actually didn’t quite look 23 anymore. It’s like, a year ago, this f***ing guy looks exactly the same.”

I mean, he’s not wrong. Reiser also reminisced about the amount of time that has passed since the first film. “We were chatting,” Reiser said, “and I remember, I was at his 21st birthday party, which was at Studio 54, or whatever Studio 54 became. And now, we’re in our 60s, even Eddie’s in his 60s. I’m like, ‘That’s a long span. We’ve been doing this a while.'”

Maybe it’s best not to think about how long it’s been since that first film. Reiser even joked about meeting up again and “jarring names out of our brains that have not been uttered for 40 years.”

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