Quantum Leap Brings in a Familiar Leaper but With a Very Different Hologram

This Quantum Leap review contains spoilers.

Quantum Leap Episode 15

Just when I thought that a straight man in heels could no longer cut the funny mustard, Ben Song (Raymond Lee) turned sensible pumps, high necklines, and massive shoulder pads into a comedy explosion. It’s not just that he trips when he takes his first high-heeled steps into this coiffed, 1985 leap, Ben moves with imitative grace as he wheels his oversized briefcase from scene to scene through the courthouse, and it keeps the chuckles rolling. Unlike the original series, the sequel hasn’t played much with the sophomoric humor of a man in women’s clothes. But there is something about Ben’s sincerity in pulling off the professional look and how he copes with its unfamiliarity that triggers a delightful farce.

A little humor is always welcome in Quantum Leap, especially since the purpose of each leap leans toward life vs. death. “Ben Song for the Defense” showcases a complicated legal proceeding where public defender Eleda Ramirez, the leapee, fights to free an innocent 18-year-old, Camillo Diaz (Michael Garza), who is the caretaker of his 16-year-old brother and his grandmother, from a murder conviction. Unlike the last leap on the Navy battleship where Captain Addison Augustine (Caitlin Bassett) was in her zone of military expertise, this leap requires the knowledge and guidance of someone familiar with the courtroom and legal codes.

Quantum Leap project security specialist, Jenn Chou (Nanrisa Lee), has a complicated history with the law having spent time behind bars. But she made excellent use of her incarceration. Jenn earned a law degree during her imprisonment. That, plus her no-nonsense attitude, makes Jenn the prime candidate to enter the Imaging Chamber and function in the role of hologram-lawyer for this leap.

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