Release Date, Cast & More For The Starz Take On The Classic Story

Described as a “prelude” to the novel, “Dangerous Liaisons” follows the story of a scheming young couple who reach the heights of French aristocracy by seducing, manipulating, and betraying everyone they know, from each other to the highest members of French nobility. At its heart, it’s also a love story about a couple who find it easier to wreck the lives of others than to admit they love each other. There’s romance and tension between these two characters who consistently challenge each other to do things even they didn’t know they were capable of doing.

Englert’s Camille is an intelligent, beautiful young woman who aims to exact her revenge on the wealthy society that led her to ruin, and Denton’s Valmont is a man who amuses himself by corrupting innocents. Everything is a game to this odd couple who cannot communicate how they truly — and the trailer for the series sees them in action at the onset of their story, and explores how they meet for the first time.

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