Rian Johnson Makes ‘Glass Onion’ Spoiler Alert Plea at TIFF Premiere – The Hollywood Reporter

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery director Rian Johnson has politiely asked American and other international media and the twitterati attending his world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival to clasp a hand over their mouth and shoosh friends and family from discussing his Knives Out sequel before it bows on Netflix.

“This is the ‘no spoilers’ plea you’ve read a hundred times in a hundred press notes. I know it’s annoying, and if my experience with Knives Out is a guide it’s most likely unnecessary, as you all are better at deftly talking around spoilers than I am.  But it has to be here, and if it has to be here I figured it should at least come from me,” Johnson said in a statement issued by Netflix as the Knives Out sequel got a first look in Toronto on Saturday night.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is set to release globally on Netflix on Dec. 23 and in select theaters. Until then, Johnson’s plea comes as similar spoiler alerts are increasingly at play as plot twists or endings are openly discussed during and after film festival circuits.

“As you’ll see when you watch Glass Onion, there are some big surprises beyond who dies and whodunnit, the preservation of which really do affect the experience of a first viewing. Thank you in advance for helping to preserve those for audiences. And now, spoiler alert: my spoiler plea is done,” the writer-director added.

His movie promises the return of Daniel Craig’s Detective Benoit Blanc, who travels to Greece to unravel a mystery featuring a whole new cast of colorful suspects played by some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

The caution from the Knives Out sequel team led by Netflix also comes as film word of mouth has migrated from water coolers and cineplex sidewalks to social media platforms, opening the way for a spoiler culture to thrive online.

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