Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 6 Review: JuRicksic Mort

This RICK AND MORTY review contains spoilers.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 6

When dinosaurs showed up in the spaceships from Arrival at the start of this episode, I assumed we were in for another silly, self-contained, one-off storyline and it is one, mostly. However, it turns out this is the mid-season finale and therefore a lingering conflict—namely that portal travel is still broken due to an inter-dimensional rift—finally gets resolved as well. Though the episode is mostly about Rick’s rivalry with some super-genius dinosaurs from space, the portal stuff is teased a couple of times throughout, so as to set up the fixing of the inter-dimensional rift, which happens unceremoniously right near the end. Clever girl.

However, “JuRicksic Mort” is mostly about selfless, brilliant dinosaurs who have come to Earth to take over running the planet. A cool thing Rick and Morty’s flexible, high-concept setting regularly allows for is introducing a premise and then fast-forwarding to it completely overhauling life as we know it. In this case, the dinosaurs eradicate effectively all the world’s problems only a few minutes into the episode, leaving humans to figure out what to do with all their free time. Rick has no problem with this until he’s contacted by the President (Keith David, back again), who wants him to get rid of the dinosaurs so we can “go back to the old days where we pretend to fix the problems we cause.”

Meeting the dinosaurs, Rick discovers he despises them because of their sanctimonious selflessness, not to mention they’re more scientifically advanced than he is, having invented a portal pistol that shoots portals that let you see a preview of where you’re portaling to within the portal, you know, like in Portal. Now Rick has his own motivation for getting rid of the dinosaurs. It’s a great idea for a conflict; Rick is so smart and all-powerful he rarely needs to tangle with anybody, but it makes perfect sense for his character that he’s so insecure about someone being smarter than him that he creates his own conflict, based entirely on bitterness.

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