Roger Moore Made A Real-Life Rescue On The Set Of The Man With The Golden Gun

In the films, James Bond often has a female counterpart, usually referred to as that movie’s “Bond girl.” While they’ve been both friends and foes, a common dynamic between Bond and the Bond girl was that of a traditional hero and a damsel in distress, needing to be rescued by Agent 007.

This dynamic became a temporary reality during the filming of “The Man with the Golden Gun,” according to an interview Roger Moore did with Dick Cavett. In the scene they were filming, Bond and Ekland’s Mary Goodnight were to escape from an exploding island. What Moore wasn’t aware of, however, was that he and Ekland were to be left on the island alone to maneuver the explosions, while the camera crew filmed from the sea.

“And I am left on the island with Britt Ekland. And of course all the things went off, my hands got very sweaty because I’m nervous, and I grabbed her and I said, “Come!” and I left her there! And I knew that the third one had gone, and then I said, “Come on!” And then I said something that I can’t repeat to her, which still didn’t make her move. She doesn’t recognize her name. So I went back and I grabbed her, I mean heroism took over, I was me not Bond. And when the flames licked around that wall I put my arms around her like this and all the hair singed all the way down, she was wearing a bikini, all went straight down the back. Lucky it was her back.”

So, while Moore may not be considered the best Bond ever, he proved himself to be a hero in real life, which very few actors can claim.

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