Rupert Grint Was M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Secret Weapon’ Behind The Scenes Of Servant

During a conversation with Interview Magazine, M. Night Shyamalan and Rupert Grint discussed the “Harry Potter” star’s audition tape for “Servant.” Grint explained how he didn’t have much context during the audition stage — he just knew it was “a conversation between two guys who gave out a doll.” The actor didn’t know much about the show then; he just knew that he felt in tune with the character.

“I didn’t understand exactly what I was reading, but just from the dialogue, and the way and the rhythm in which he spoke, I felt very in tune and it felt very easy, more so than anything I’ve ever read.”

Shyamalan praised Grint’s audition — the filmmaker mentioned that he was nervous about how “spot-on” it was. “The Sixth Sense” director was in disbelief at how Grint adopted the character. “‘He can’t be this spot-on. He can’t,'” Shyamalan recalled thinking.

When Grint revealed he thought himself to be bad at audition tapes, and that his audition for “Servant” was the only one he felt confident about, Shyamalan was rather surprised. He now had even higher praise for Grint: “You’re shocking me. We refer to you in the writers’ room as our secret weapon.”

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