Scream 6 Post-Credit Scene Breaks Franchise History

But for those of us who stayed all the way to the very end of the long credits roll (or at least know someone who did), we were given a treat: Scream’s very first post-credits scene! At last, the franchise has fully transitioned to the 21st century, right?

Well, not quite…

While Scream 6 features a post-credits scene, it is neither a tease for a potential Scream 7 or even a new sequence set after the grisly events of the movie we just watched. The Scream 6 post-credit scene is instead a moment from earlier in the movie that we had simply been denied seeing until now.

Jumping back in time to the first act where Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown) goes full Randy and breaks down the rules that she and her friends need to follow in order to survive, we get one more final and devastating rule. Apparently after explaining to her pals that they’re no longer in a sequel to a slasher movie, or even a legacy sequel/requel—rather they’re in a “franchise” that will keep going until they’re all dead and in the dirt—Mindy adds one final point about new franchise movies.

Yes, they can kill off legacy characters to keep the drip of sweet, sweet IP flowing, and yeah, precedent states all the new faces sitting next to the Core Four will either be victims or killers (which turned out to be true!), but for the love of God, can they at least have some originality?!

All but looking square into the camera, Mindy states righteously, “Not all movies need a post-credits scene!” Cut to black, and it’s over, folks!

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