She-Hulk Didn’t Have A Major Impact On The MCU – And That’s Why We Loved It

We didn’t always know what we were getting into with “She-Hulk.” Thanks to the show’s weekly release, it took some time for Jen to truly show her cards. At first, things started on a very familiar track: once, Jen was a totally normal woman who just happened to be related to the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), and one car crash later, she had a green alter-ego of her own. But that’s also where things took a turn. When Bruce tries to give her a big speech about how her life will be forever different, Jen nopes right out of the conversation and decides to return to her everyday life. Powers aside, Jen has absolutely no interest in being at the center of a Marvel blockbuster, so she bids her cousin a very messy farewell and returns to her regular workplace comedy life.

It was never gonna be quite so simple though — Jen still spends the season reconciling her new powers with her old life. But that never really changes the person she is at her core. She still has all her same problems and insecurities, continues her day job as a lawyer, and spends ample time navigating the horrors of the Los Angeles dating scene. Her life is a sitcom before it’s anything else, including lots of funny gags and a scene-stealing supporting cast. She certainly isn’t living the same life as other MCU heroes. Attending a wedding while trying her damndest not to hulk out? That’s a sitcom plot-line. Going to mutant therapy and figuring out the root of her relationship problems? That’s practically unheard of in the world of Marvel heroes. Being a Hulk is the inciting obstacle, but just a fraction of her story.

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